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Child Care Executive Partnerships

Nearly half of America's working families with a child under age 13 has child care expenses that consume an average of 9 percent of their monthly earnings. Working, low-income families, single parents and families with younger children spend a considerably higher share of their earnings on child care. Families earning with younger children spend a considerably higher share of their earnings on child care. About five million children under age three are in child care, on average for 25 hours each week.
Our dedicated team of professionals at 4C understands the challenges faced each day by working families in Florida. We hear their stories & work to identify solutions to meet their needs. It's not always an easy task.
Having access to affordable child care is a critical factor in enabling families to gain & maintain employment. For those individuals who want or need to work, child care is key to balancing work/life responsibilities. Research shows that parents who worry about their children's care while on the job are less productive, have increased absenteeism & show greater overall dissatisfaction.
At 4C we also know that not one source can solve the need for affordable, accessible, quality child care. It takes strong community support & unique solutions. One such solution is Florida's Child Care Executive Partnership Program (CCEP) which sets aside $15 Million to fund child care for the working poor whose earnings are at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.
Through this program, employers can contribute funds to help pay a portion of the child care costs for their employees who meet income guidelines. Their contributions are then matched dollar-for-dollar by the State.
It's a win-win strategy: corporations prove themselves as leaders in advocating the needs of their workforce. Parents benefit by receiving affordable child care & the State stretches its limited subsidy dollars to serve more children.
If you would like more information on how your company can take advantage of this program contact 4C's Community Relations Division at (239) 935-6137
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